Grant Monk - CEO, Stellar Image

With over 20 years in the entertainment industry, Grant is the creative force behind Stellar Image.  An award-winning leader in production and post-production, he has partnered with a who's-who of entertainment giants: Disney, Marvel, ABC, Lionsgate, CBS and Sony.

Prior to joining Stellar Image, he was the co-founder and CEO of Tiny Hero, an entertainment production company based in Burbank, California. For Sony Pictures Television, he was the producer of the world's first stereoscopic 3D television news magazine -- a groundbreaking package featuring scripted host segments on virtual sets and on-location A-list celebrity interviews.


Mike Reynolds - Executive Producer

Destination: and Visions are the creations of television producer, documentarian, veteran journalist and broadcaster Mike Reynolds. Mike's film credits include producing/directing Behind-The-Scenes documentaries for Paramount Pictures on such major productions as “Ghost,” “The Hunt for Red October,” “Presidio” and “Black Rain,” as well as numerous independent films, including “Mistress” for Robert DeNiro.

Mike is also an early pioneer of New Media, having produced/directed countless live programs (“Dr. Drew,” “Three Tenors Live From Mandalay Bay,” “Live From the Roxy,” etc.).  He also produced numerous Video News Releases for companies such as Coca-Cola and Motorola.